Need info on the 2.3 Liter ?

2.3 Motor Production Info

- Production 70's to '93

- Fuel Injection 87-93

- Turbo w/ Fuel Injection 85-86 (Mustang)

- Turbo w/ Fuel Injection 85-88 (T-Bird TurboCoupe & 84-86 Mustang SVO)

- 8 SparkPlug Distributorless Ignition used on 91-93 2.3 Mustangs

- Overhead Cam Design

2.3 Motor Tech Info

Timing belt must be changed around every 60,000 - 80,000 miles
- incase the belt fails or snaps, the motor will just stop operating, the valves will not contact the piston, as in other overhead cam motors.

- Uses 5 Quarts of oil just like the 5.0

- Uses a knock sensor that is not found on the 5.0

- Not the fastest, most cases only 90HP, but very reliable

- ALL 2.3 (non-turbo) have 7.5 rear, most with 3.73 diff

- 87-93 use electric Fan controlled by sensor just under where upper & lower intake join

- Like the 5.0 also uses a intake silenser wich can be removed & replaced by hand made duct work

- Slapping a turbo on a non-turbo 2.3 will destroy the motor (too much compression & not same hardened hardware as turbo motor)

2.3 Motor Quick Reference Photos
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Misc Parts... 2.3 specific...

Coolant Sensor

- connection for only one wire
- Sends temp signal to Temp Gauge only.
- Located Behind Dipstick on Block

NOTE... Fan Temp Switch Looks EXACTLY LIKE THIS... although it's a separate sensor it might use the same type.

Coolant Switch

- connection for two wires
- Located just under Fuel Rail