Door Pins

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Does your door have up & down movement that you have to lift it in order to close it properly? Does your door hinge pins or pin bushings need to be replaced? A body shop will want to replace the hinges and charge you $200. My way only costs $10.
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Usually when a door begins to sag it's due to the hinge pin bushings that have worn out. Unfortunately to replace the bushings you must remove (cut) the Pins (very strong, solid steel). The pin removal is the hardest part, be careful you don't hurt yourself.

Before you start look at the confined space you have to work with
& the odd angles you will have to cut at,
make sure you can do this on your own!




Need Cutting & Grinding skills


First examine the door hinges, move the door as you look. Before you cut off your pins be certain that the pin is the problem.
You can buy new pins (that come with new bushings) from an auto parts store in the HELP section for under $10 each. They should have it in stock, if not they can order it. Don't forget... each door has 2 pins, replace them both at the same time. You may need 2 kits, they usually come with one each.
First, use a floor jack to keep the door up & strait.
The Hard Part...Use whatever you can to cut the pins off within the very small space (door hinge area) without hurting yourself or cutting the hinge off. There is only about 1 inch if space on each side of the pin & the pins are solid steel. A small grinder or cut off wheel will work, I used a saws-all & ruined a lot of blades. There are 2 ways to get it...
1) cut or grind off the tips and punch it out... or... 2) cut it in the middle. Due to the curve at the bottom of the door, you can't punch the pin down you may have to punch it upwards to get it out.
Use a floor jack (& block if necessary) to keep the door up. Have someone hold the door, you don't want to rip out those wires & it's too heavy to hold & try to lineup the hinge holes. Be sure to remember the way the bushing goes in.
Finally the easy part...Have someone hold the door in place as you put the new pins & bushings in...