1987 - 93 Fan Clutch Replacement
Easy Repair for old fan clutch..

This is ONLY
for the 1987-93 5.0 v8's

The 2.3 4 Clyinders have
an electric fan.
Photo of 87 - 93 Mustang 5.0
Fan & Clutch

Fan Clutch
This is a real easy fix.

Common Sense Tips ... But have to state them.

- Make sure everything is cool, don't burn yourself..

- Keep in mind not to force anything accidentally through the radiator or you will need a new one.

- If the plastic fan looks damaged replace it. Its no fun having a spinning projectile at speed heading towards you.

- Must re-tighten everything well & carefully!

- Don't stick your body parts / ties / neckchains etc...in a spinning fan.

The stock 87-93 Mustang fan is a Thermal clutch...it will automatically
adjust itself to the ambient/coolants temp.


The Clutch is bolted into the plastic fan. If the fan is in good condition you can just replace the clutch.
This is a good time to clean the fan & remove stuff from the radiator that is now exposed.

What I bought...
New Fan Clutch from autopart store. about $39. Could of gone with the heavy duty (police clutch around $69) unit but I didn't feel the need.


Before you remove the Serpentine belt...
Loosen the 4 bolts holding the fan to the waterpump, it's harder/almost impossible to do this with the belt off & the fan spinning freely.

Remove the belt, remove the 4 bolts on the fan-to water pump.
Unplug the harness to the coolant overflow bottle. No need to remove the bottle.
Unbolt the Fan Shroud by removing the top 2 bolts that screw into clips that hold it to the radiator.
The fan shroud should just lift up, its held in place at the bottom by sliding/resting into clips.

List the shroud just enough to get the fan out. Let shroud rest on the clips.

Once out remove the old clutch from the fan by removing 4 of its bolts...the clutch then falls out.

OLD clutch .... NEW clutch


Back together...

Replacement is simply the reverse.
Use the existing lockwashers or new ones if supplied to keep those bolts on tight.