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TPS: Throttle Position Sensor. Attached to top of Throttle body with 2 screws. See Idle section in Fix-It for more info.

Idle Air Bypass Valve: Attached to side of throttle body.

MASS Air Sensor: Attached to intake hose between air filter & throttle body.

EGR: Bolted to back side of EGR Spacer (between throttle body & intake) recirculates exhaust gases, part of emissions system.

PCV Valve: Hidden in back & of lower intake, pull hose to reveal PCV Valve.

Spout Connector: Small 2 pronged plug on wires attached to distributor. Must be unplugged to check & adjust timing.

Ignition Module: Controls Spark. White rectangle on distributor(on mustangs). May be gray on other Fords.

Coolant Temperature Sending Unit: Sends Signal to Temp Gauge. Not the sensor the computer uses.

Oil Pressure Sending Unit: Sends Signal to Oil Pressure Gauge. Click here to See Photo.




Fuel Relay: Under The driver's Seat. Turns Fuel pump when key is activated.

Fuse Panel: Located under the dash to the left. Access panel pulls right off.

Turn Signal Relay: Located to the right to the Fuse Panel. Note: In earlier models hazard flasher was also located here but is now by the glove compartment.

WiperRelay: Controls speed of wiper delay(what an explanation!). It's a brown box under dash left of the steering. About 4 inches long, 1 inch thick, 2 inches wide. Click here to See Photo Below of Relay Location.

Hazard Flasher: On fuse box, but attached to it's back, not on the front with the fuses. Later years may have it behind glove box.

Rear Defrost Relay: Under drivers dash, almost behind fuse box to the right(towards radio). See illustration below.

Fan Relay (2.3 Motor): Also called fan control switch, I recently had to find this, couldn't find it until I made a trip to the dealer. It's under the drivers dash, in the center, and is attached by a long (about 4 inch by 1 inch) metal bracket & has a large 8 (or more) wire harness to it. It's brown in color. And if you need to know around $60 from the dealer. It's made by TRW so it's available in parts stores too. Picked one up at AutoZone for $25. Number on relay is: E7ZB-8C609-AA.
Will get photo soon. :)


Rear Defrost Relay (2.3 only)

The first number is the part number, some #'s may differ slightly due to yearly production codes.

about 1-1/2 inches across, 2 inches up/down & 1 inch thick.
Color: Black

It is installed upside-down in the car, with the harness on the top.


Wiper Relay


Brown Box to left of arrow



Front Suspension Components

Quick Look at the Front Suspension

A Arm: contains the Ball Joint & Connects the Spindle to the Frame. Usually To replace a ball joint you can replace the entire Arm, or the ball joint ca be changed but you need a press & requires more skill.


Oil Pressure Sender (5.0 Shown)

This small canister is threaded into a (about) 3 inch extension into the block & sends a signal to the Oil Pressure Gauge, through one (red) wire.

- On the 5.0 its above the Oil Filter.
- The 2.3 Sender is towards the rear of the engine, threads directly to the block & looks similar.

Cost...around $15