Inside Door Panel Removal...

This section describes how to remove the inside door panel to gain access to power window motor, Power Lock mechanisms & speakers...


Step 1: Open the door...
- Unscrew the Philips screws from the inside door handle & mirror cover
- Unscrew the 2 Philips screws from the underside of the armrest.
NOTE: Do Not remove the screw on the switch panel.

Here are the parts you will remove.
NOTE: Not all plastic tabs shown, there are about 8 of them.
Pry out round bolt covers in armrest (holes in photo) with small flat screwdriver. Remove both bolts from there. Unscrew the Philips head screw from the speaker grill (lower left).



Step 2: Gently pull the panel out strait towards you starting from the speaker. The trick is to pull out the plastic tabs without tearing the back (cardboard-like backing) of the panel. You can do this placing your hand under the panel & by feeling for a tab pull right at it.
I'm sure you can get a tool for this as well.

Lower Left photo is door with panel removed & wire harness detached. Notice paper covering.
Lower Right ...Same photo, you might need it again.
When all the tabs (there on bottom, & sides about 6 inches apart) are no longer holding the panel pull the panel up & off (window down).
The panel is still attached by 2 wire harnesses, for the switch panel. I would recommend to keep them attached & move the panel to an out of the way position so you can operate the power window & door lock.
Tabs that remain in the door can be pulled out with the prying end of a hammer. Once the
Pull the paper barrier off, don't rip it, you will use caulking to place it back later.


Window motor & gears
Door Lock Mechanism
Window Rod & Mechanism



Putting it back together is to simply do everything backwards
these caulking to have the paper barrier stick to the door
Put all the plastic tabs into the holes in back of the panel. Notice they fit in the big hole then slide them to the small one to keep them from moving



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