Intake Manifold
Consists of upper and lower intake manifolds

EGR Valve
EGR Valve part of Emissions system, has White (non HO 5.0 uses Gray) Colored sensor attached to it.



Alternator: Stock 5.0 Alternators are known to put out less that 12 volts when accessories are on. They can be upgraded to the 1994-95 (V8)Mustangs 130A Alternator with minor Modifications. Find detailed instructions from the sites on my links page.



A/C Compressor
R12 system
Problem: Clutch doesn't engage or quickly on & off: (usually) not enough refrigerent, also check pressure switch
See Links section for informative A/C Website



Ignition Module
Controls Spark and Timing.
Problems: No Spark, check also coil & CPU.



Spout Connector
Used for adjusting timing. Must unplug when adjusting timing
Normal Timing is set at 13 Degrees.




TPS (Throttle Position Sensor)
Sends throttle plate position info to the CPU in volts .098 volts = closed, 4+volts wide open. See Surging Idle section for more info.



Air Bypass Valve
Keep Clean!, it will get clogged with carbon.
See Surging Idle section for more info.



Strut Tower
Where Top of strut bolts to the strut plate, and alignment adjustments are made. You do not need to remove all 3 bolts for strut removal, just the center (strut) bolt, so you don't have to get new alignment(if it was recently adjusted).




Throttle Body / EGR Spacer




A/C Hose - High Side
Do not add refrigerant here. Only on the Low Side (bigger hose).



A/C Hose - Low Side
Low Side (bigger hose) for filling refrigerant..



Covered, under black rubber boot



Water Pump





Strut Tower Water Pump Back To Fix It A/C Low Side Hose Alternator Distributor Intake Manifold Spout Connector Ignition Module A/C Compressor Air Bypass Valve EGR Valve TPS