Lower Titanium Paint
& Black Moldings

Those of us who have Mustang GT's with the Titanium lower paint probably have spots with the yellow plastic showing or scratches. You can get it painted by a paint shop for around $300 or to save a few $$ and have the lower part look new, read below for my solution...




You must use Flexible Paint !!!, or it will eventually crack & peel off the bumpers and look like crap. The only place I was able to get this in a spray can was at an auto body supply warehouse. The Paint I used was made by SEM, it came in a regular 13oz. spray can and cost about $12 each. The color was called Light Titanium Metallic #39283 (Urethane Bumper Coater).

Prepare the surface by washing it(kitchen liquid soap, or any cleaner that removes wax) . If needed use flexible body filler (Just like regular filler with 2 tubes: filler & hardener) to fill in holes and cuts, this is available at most auto stores in small tubes. I found large tubes at a paint supply for $25, also made by SEM. With a gray colored nylon scuff pad (gray is the finest, it's like a sheet of brillo pad, but use the finest grade! there are red ones but too coarse and will leave marks) or fine sandpaper & lightly rub on the old paint to smooth it out and remove old wax & top layer of paint. You Don't have to remove the old paint.

Obviously mask off anything you don't want painted. If you have a blue or red body stripe, mask that with 1 inch masking tape, don't pull the stripe off. Keep it on and masked if it's in good condition, I've only found it sold in large expensive generic colored rolls that could do about 5 cars.


I painted right over the old paint and even on the bare (yellow) plastic, without any primer with a few coats. I used 1 and 1/2 cans for the whole car (titanium lower part).
It look
s like new and has lasted for over 2 years so far. I'm not sure if it needs clear coat, (even if there is a flexible clear?) but it looks fine without it.


Note: The paint I describe is slightly lighter in color, You should repaint the whole "titanium" portion of your Mustang, you can't tell the difference once it's all painted and it looks 100% better than the old paint did.

If you choose to use primer make sure its Flexible Primer.


Black Moldings
Are your old Body moldings looking gray & washed out? Anything black including moldings around your windshield, windows, T-Tops, door moldings, side mirrors, even windshield wiper arms & that grill under them.


The hardest part of painting the Black Moldings is to tape and mask off everything. The perfect match is Black Flexible Bumper Paint in regular spray cans, available at most auto parts stores. It only comes in a satin & looks just the way they did when new. Lightly sand them with (very fine) about 1500 grit sandpaper . You can even paint the metal moldings (around windshield, & rear window) with this paint.

Sometimes the rear quarter window moldings become rough you may need to sand those more aggressively to get them as smooth as you can.
Any cuts or deep scratches can be filled with flexible body filler.

Try to remove wax before you sand or the paint will bubble up immediately. It's best done in 3 or 4 light coats than 1 heavy.



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