Window Motor Replacement...

This section describes how to replace the power window motor.

You will need to remove the door panel,
Click on the link to the right for detailed info -->
Spark Plug's Door Panel Removal Section.


It's not hard to replace the window motor,
The most time consuming part is removing the door panel. See Door Panel Removal Section.

You have 2 options when replacing the window motor.
- You can buy a new motor from a Ford Dealer for around $90 or
- You can but a used motor from a junk yard for around $45. Most Fords (fox bodies, full size & trucks) from 87 to 93 will use the same motor. Bring your old broken one to make sure its the same one.


Test the wires... Are You sure it's the Motor?

Test the wires to see if you get 12 volts at the motor when the switch is pressed.

Make sure the motor is the problem before you buy another one.

Yes you can open this motor !

You can also take the old motor apart. Sometimes the wire connecting the brushes breaks off, you can solder it back on for a quick repair.

It's held together by 2 long bolts at the top.

Be careful, it is tricky to get all the parts back in perfectly when reassembling the motor due to the strong magnets pulling at all the small metal parts.


Look at the below photo to familiarize yourself with the window motor's location.
Its above the speaker, on the 'inside' behind the frame.


- The motor is held in by 3 small bolts (shown in photo).

- Simply remove the bolts & the window should fall down.

- Reach in and pull it out & disconnect the wire harness.


- Installation is just as simple, plug in the wire harness to the new motor & place the motor back in the original location.

- The motor's small gear slips into the the doors large window gear easily. If your not sure push the window switch to test.

- Tighten the 3 bolts and your all set.


Window Rod & Mechanism
It's a good idea to check the window rod. Lack of grease can cause the window to slow, & perform poorly.
It seems like the old grease was the same as bearing grease so I'm guessing that a heavy duty lithium grease will work. (But if you know what was put on from the factory let us know)
So while your at this stage,
grease the rod & the slider.



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